Big Changes Agwaan in 2012!!

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MERRY HAPPY 2012 my people!!!

Sorry guys my blog page has been pretty dead beat..
Im still trying to get techno savy and into the whole blogging thing.. so I’m taking it on this year..
I also want to keep you up to speed with this growth process as an artist, share some more of my poetry/music/videos.. you know just make that which i love more accessible to you

I don’t know how you feel but there is something about this year that feels different from the others.. It almost feels like the final count down before lift off!!!

I’m looking forward to it cuz there is whole lot about to happen so please stay linked in…

Anyway the first thing I’m going to link you on to in this video ” Long Road” with my dudes Loose Cannon let me know what you think    Long Road- Loose Cannon featuring Naima Mclean and Bonisani

love and light!!!!

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