Kitcheners; The Journey that is Naima

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Kitcheners has got to be among the top venues in Joburg, if your looking for an unassuming, laid back place that stimulates all the senses at once. We had began promoting the event two weeks in advance by making as much noise as possible via facebook , twitter and word of mouth. Promotions and the hype surrounding the event reached fever pitch a couple of days beforehand as we liked statuses, shared links, mentions, retweeted and ensured everyone we knew would be there. By Friday the 12th April 2013, we gathered the troops and headed to Bramfontein. Being the punctual individuals we are (*side eye*) we had enough time to spare to drop in at a friends exhibition held in the glorious Maboneng district, then headed to kitcheners Cavalry bar by 9pm.

The first call to action was the bar, all the noise we had made through out the weeks warranted us a hearty drink. Two tequila shots later and a beer in hand, in our minds the party had officially began. The crowd at kitcheners was a feast for the eyes, all these eclectic individuals had created an intoxicating energy that drew us to the dance floor. All hail to DJ khenzero of the famed Party people enterprise, he had us in a time machine that took us back to the days of Living single, FUBU,TLC, black lip liner and pure Hip Hop swag. The build up to Naima’s live performance could not have been better. Finally the First Lady of Urban Soul was set to wow us, and wow us was exactly what she did.
Decked in an outfit that would give Solange Knowles a run for her money, our star was starting on the right note. The tempo calmed down and we were all able to take a breath as Naima began her set, the tempo rose as she indulged the crowd with tracks from her up coming album that included Ride With You, and tracks ft the likes of Nigerian artist Ice Prince, SA hip hop artist Reason and so many more but the true star of the night came in the form of her hit single Hero ft the legendary AKA. Now that was the delicious cherry on top ending her performance and leaving all wanting for more.
The rest of the night was carried through by the likes of Romz who we are all grateful for organising the event as well as 340ml’s one and only Tiago on the decks which is a real treat in itself. I would love to recount more on the event but soon we were all swept away on a truly splendid night that became a kaleidoscope of clinking glasses, dance floor get downs, warm embraces and a symbolic marker of the beginning of the journey that is Naima.                    

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