I’m coming out!! So you better get this party started!!!

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AUTHOR: Naima McLean

I can’t even begin to explain the growth process I’ve been through leading up to the Cape Town International Jazz festival. I think I can safely say I’m addicted to challenges.. My whole life I’ve been overly ambitious and find my self having to fast equip myself with the right tools not only to survive but succeed.

Its the day before the show and although I’m still to perform and this is only the beginning of the journey with still so much to learn, I feel a sense of accomplishment that I’ve come this far. I have completed recording my debut album – Things I Wish – having worked with some real incredible musicians. My musical directors RJ Benjamin and Chadwin Alexander were truly sent from the heavens!

My management team – Gerrard Foster and Ghairunisa Galeta – have held my hand through this entire process. They are more than just work partners, they’re family and I can’t emphasize enough my gratitude to the universe for bringing me these two people whom I trust and love implicitly and with out whom I could not have gotten done half the work done.

My family, especially my mother and father have nurtured and supported me through this life long journey…Who I am today is a direct result of both their creative influences and to be honest no amount of ‘thank you’ or ‘I loves you’ is going to cover how I feel about having them as my parents…
The best thing about my sister, the rest of my family and my friends is that they share in my excitement unashamedly…

So where does that leave me with this amazing support system around me??… At times overwhelmed by their unwavering belief in me. This is a serious exercise in building self confidence and love. As a developing artist you are constantly open to other peoples feedback – good and bad. Although feedback is essential, a lot of the time you desperately search for that quiet space to listen to your inner voice because the world can be noisy and in the midst of that noise insecurity climbs in the back door. The thing about insecurity is that no one can over come it for you..  So to deal with it I think of what a friend of mine (Mazuba Haanyama) often says

“My friend when you’re feeling insecure and uncertain remove yourself of the equation, this is bigger than you and your ego”

and for some reason that provides me with an amazing sense of peace because its the truth.. This is bigger me and it isn’t about me.. I feel I have a purpose.. I’m still in the process of discovering..

So tomorrow’s show is one of many giant steps to come in fulfilling that purpose.. I’m humbled, I’m excited, I’m scared… But most importantly I’m READY!!!

Let’s GO!!!!!

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