Randlords Event: Said we looking for a Hero!

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Naima Randlords




“Freedom is coming tomorrow!”When the cast of Sarafina belted out these words, it struck a chord with many South African’s involved and affected by the struggle. This is why I felt it fitting to have this as the tag line of my facebook and twitter promotion of the Heroes Event held at Randlords echoing Naima’s exciting new single Hero ft AKA. I personally was unaware when Freedom Day was or what exactly one was expected to do on the day and I know I was not alone in this sentiment.

I have a theory that, today’s youth speaks a very different language from the youth of yesta-year . One of my good friends has a tattoo below her collar bone that reads ‘A luta continua’ which our Mozambican and Angolan cousins translate to mean ‘The struggle continues’. Sure enough we are not marching down the streets of Soweto dodging bullets and trying not to inhale the toxic fumes that characterise the police brutality many fellow South African had to incur, but the growing gap between the rich and the poor, the growth of youth apathy in relation to who governs us and the basic human rights that have not been fulfilled in this country and continent prove that the struggle does indeed continue. But a trip to the museum, a stadium packed with politicians droning on or an array of documentaries flooded on TV to mark Freedom Day is not the way to get me or any of my peers interested in a subject.

The Hero event at Randlords served as a message set against a backdrop of a stunning venue with breathtaking panoramic views of the city that is known to glitter bright. It was a message that DJ Naves blasted through the speakers in the form of his latest selection of worthy Hip Hop beats. A message that intertwined itself around Naima’s melodic voice and echoed strongly once she dropped her hit single Hero ft AKA. The crowd’s spirit was lifted and we could all feel that indeed there lay a Hero in each and every one of us. Having the likes of DJ Dimplez of the Successful Pop Bottles Enterprise and Metro FM’S Sphectacular reinforced a message of substance that made the entire event a language a lot of the youth of SA can relate too and understand.

All that was missing was more of today’s youth to hear the message that was wrapped in glamour, beats and good company. We would all like to thank the event organisers and array of talented artists that committed to the task of celebrating the auspicious day with such panache! Remember, there is a Hero in each and every one of us.

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