Things I Wish – My declaration poem!

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Things I Wish

I wish this god given gift of spoken word generated the power to inspire people lives and call to action the greatness of human spirits.

I wish the sky was a jazz-like orchestra and the trees watching me over sang soulful songs of wisdom I needed to hear in any given moment …and every now and then … a hip-hop pop beat.

I’d break out into my alter ego moonlit dance and let out a part of me I’m yet to discover. And yes I’d be dolled up from head to toe with “a nobody can stop me” strut…

I wish true love would find me wrap his beautifully built hands around me and tell that he has no intention of ever letting go. That he was absolutely clear and though doubt and fear is perfectly normal, it would never rule him. That he loved himself enough to know that he deserved me.

I wish I could eat sushi, chicken, grapes, mango and chocolate raspberry ice cream with my fingers every day and not get a stomachache.

I wish an hour workout took 5 minutes and that your thighs rubbing together didn’t cause eczema and the more my butt grew the sexier I felt.

I wish I’d never forget the knowing of God, Allah and my ancestors that sit on the edge of my heart, feet dangling, feeling content.

I wish I were strong like Ciara in the ‘Ride’ music video. Look it up on youtube if you don’t know.

I wish I’d just accept that my heart is not in my chest but in the precious cavity between my legs only to be known to those who wish to treat her with care and unconditional love.

I wish I had multiple orgasms from penetration. I’ve always wondered what that would be like.

I wish racism didn’t spread like the HIV virus… I wish there was a vaccination that cured them both.

I wish people didn’t die over soil we’re meant share.

I wish terrorist would speak they’re inner fear and feel heard

I wish I could harvest enough food to feed my continent

I wish we didn’t have immature incompetence in power… and that our leaders by default inspired nations to reach unfathomable heights.

I wish I expressed myself in my personal life as clearly as I do through my poetry. Don’t be fooled.

I wish I didn’t have post a nasal drip, flat feet, a weak bladder, thin hairline and bad eyesight.

I wishing nothing ever smelt bad. I find bad smell intrusive.

I wish I played guitar, base and flute.

I wish I spoke fluent Sotho, Xhosa, French and Swahili


I wish all people live from place of love and not fear and when they are scared, they’re able to express it in a space of non-judgment.  Openly embracing vulnerability and insecurity… I believe if this came to being there would be hope for our species in this lifetime. We ‘d nurture our selves and others, transcending these confining barriers we’re quick to erect.

I wish science-developed portals that allowed me to travel to all corners of this planet in less time!

I wish I never stop wishing… It’s the stuff that makes my dreams possible.

I wish you wish for you too.

©By Naima Mclean