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Naima Mclean – My Happy

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I’m looking for that burst from the inside out kind of happy,

That nothing even matters kind of happy,

That quite and content, clap along kind of happy,

And when I find you happy…I’ll feel it.


What’s your happy?


Naima Mclean - My Happy

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How to download “Hero, SoulSista Remix”…

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Hero soulsista remix

To get the Fulltrack of Naima Mclean, “Hero SoulSista Remix” at R10 SMS “3641984” to 083 123 686. TnC and data charges apply. MTN Subscribers only


To get the Callertune of Naima Mclean “Hero SoulSista Remix” at R5 SMS “3639544” to 083 123 686. TnC and data charges apply. MTN Subscribers only
To get the True Tone of Naima Mclean  “Hero SoulSista Remix” at R10 SMS “3642251”  to 083 123 686. TnC and data charges apply. MTN Subscribers only
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Randlords Event: Said we looking for a Hero!

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Naima Randlords

“Freedom is coming tomorrow!”When the cast of Sarafina belted out these words, it struck a chord with many South African’s involved and affected by the struggle. This is why I felt it fitting to have this as the tag line of my facebook and twitter promotion of the Heroes Event held at Randlords echoing Naima’s exciting new single Hero ft AKA. I personally was unaware when Freedom Day was or what exactly one was expected to do on the day and I know I was not alone in this sentiment.

I have a theory that, today’s youth speaks a very different language from the youth of yesta-year . One of my good friends has a tattoo below her collar bone that reads ‘A luta continua’ which our Mozambican and Angolan cousins translate to mean ‘The struggle continues’...

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Kitcheners; The Journey that is Naima

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Naima kitcheners 2

Kitcheners has got to be among the top venues in Joburg, if your looking for an unassuming, laid back place that stimulates all the senses at once. We had began promoting the event two weeks in advance by making as much noise as possible via facebook , twitter and word of mouth. Promotions and the hype surrounding the event reached fever pitch a couple of days beforehand as we liked statuses, shared links, mentions, retweeted and ensured everyone we knew would be there. By Friday the 12th April 2013, we gathered the troops and headed to Bramfontein. Being the punctual individuals we are (*side eye*) we had enough time to spare to drop in at a friends exhibition held in the glorious Maboneng district, then headed to kitcheners Cavalry bar by 9pm.

The first call to action was the ba...

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Things I Wish – My declaration poem!

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Things I Wish

I wish this god given gift of spoken word generated the power to inspire people lives and call to action the greatness of human spirits.

I wish the sky was a jazz-like orchestra and the trees watching me over sang soulful songs of wisdom I needed to hear in any given moment …and every now and then … a hip-hop pop beat.

I’d break out into my alter ego moonlit dance and let out a part of me I’m yet to discover. And yes I’d be dolled up from head to toe with “a nobody can stop me” strut…

I wish true love would find me wrap his beautifully built hands around me and tell that he has no intention of ever letting go. That he was absolutely clear and though doubt and fear is perfectly normal, it would never rule him...

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We’re beginning a new Journey!

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Right so now we on the next phase of this journey I’ve decided to embark on! Getting to this point has been awesome at times, extremely painful at other times… but totally  worth it!! Because nothing is more rewarding than living  with fulfillment as your goal….

So hope you like the new look and feel of my website :-) I love it!!!. Im about to drop my 1st single which you should be listening to as you read this.. and the album soon to follow! Wait for it people… I swear it will be worth it!!  Vehicle 19  – the feature film I star in with Paul Walker, has hits circuits in parts of the world and will soon hit the USA and SA in a few months !!! I am soooooooooooooooooooo excited about that!!!

But in the mean time I keep my nose to the ground and the grind on!!!

And all I have to say is THANK...

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Opened for Joe Thomas

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Big Changes Agwaan in 2012!!

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MERRY HAPPY 2012 my people!!!

Sorry guys my blog page has been pretty dead beat..
Im still trying to get techno savy and into the whole blogging thing.. so I’m taking it on this year..
I also want to keep you up to speed with this growth process as an artist, share some more of my poetry/music/videos.. you know just make that which i love more accessible to you

I don’t know how you feel but there is something about this year that feels different from the others.. It almost feels like the final count down before lift off!!!

I’m looking forward to it cuz there is whole lot about to happen so please stay linked in…

Anyway the first thing I’m going to link you on to in this video ” Long Road” with my dudes Loose Cannon let me know what you think    Long Road- Loose Cannon featuring Nai...

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I’m coming out!! So you better get this party started!!!

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AUTHOR: Naima McLean

I can’t even begin to explain the growth process I’ve been through leading up to the Cape Town International Jazz festival. I think I can safely say I’m addicted to challenges.. My whole life I’ve been overly ambitious and find my self having to fast equip myself with the right tools not only to survive but succeed.

Its the day before the show and although I’m still to perform and this is only the beginning of the journey with still so much to learn, I feel a sense of accomplishment that I’ve come this far. I have completed recording my debut album – Things I Wish – having worked with some real incredible musicians. My musical directors RJ Benjamin and Chadwin Alexander were truly sent from the heavens!

My management team – Gerrard Foster and Ghairunisa Galeta – have h...

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