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Randlords Event: Said we looking for a Hero!

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Naima Randlords

“Freedom is coming tomorrow!”When the cast of Sarafina belted out these words, it struck a chord with many South African’s involved and affected by the struggle. This is why I felt it fitting to have this as the tag line of my facebook and twitter promotion of the Heroes Event held at Randlords echoing Naima’s exciting new single Hero ft AKA. I personally was unaware when Freedom Day was or what exactly one was expected to do on the day and I know I was not alone in this sentiment.

I have a theory that, today’s youth speaks a very different language from the youth of yesta-year . One of my good friends has a tattoo below her collar bone that reads ‘A luta continua’ which our Mozambican and Angolan cousins translate to mean ‘The struggle continues’...

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Kitcheners; The Journey that is Naima

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Naima kitcheners 2

Kitcheners has got to be among the top venues in Joburg, if your looking for an unassuming, laid back place that stimulates all the senses at once. We had began promoting the event two weeks in advance by making as much noise as possible via facebook , twitter and word of mouth. Promotions and the hype surrounding the event reached fever pitch a couple of days beforehand as we liked statuses, shared links, mentions, retweeted and ensured everyone we knew would be there. By Friday the 12th April 2013, we gathered the troops and headed to Bramfontein. Being the punctual individuals we are (*side eye*) we had enough time to spare to drop in at a friends exhibition held in the glorious Maboneng district, then headed to kitcheners Cavalry bar by 9pm.

The first call to action was the ba...

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